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Technical Director's Message 


I have always had the dream of being able to pass along all I learned when I was a young boy and started playing soccer. I plan to pass on this knowledge and learning I have gained from the great trainers as well as the great soccer players I have had in my life.

At our academy, we have a program for every soccer player, those who want to play only recreation, those who want to learn the game, and/or those that want to compete and play competitive soccer.  We also prepare any soccer player in high school, college, and/or semi-pro on their path to professional play.  In addition, we provide soccer training for special needs children in our Soccer4All program.

I come from a soccer culture where you go grow up playing soccer for fun, all day, unstructured many times with opportunity to “create”.  This is not a reality in US culture.  There is a need to somehow combine this free play with technical skills.  Our program is built on the need to prepare our players with the technical strength that is lacking in most players training in the US today.  This is what I focus on with every kid that comes to our academy.  Providing them with a foundation and forming them up from there in order to help them achieve their goals whatever they may be.

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