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Academy Rules


You respect the sport, the club and it’s facilities.

  • No yelling, no insults, no aggression. Respect others.

  • No soccer ball use outside of the field.

  • No soccer cleat use on the indoor field.

  • No gum or food on the turf field.

  • Throw away your trash in the garbage bin.


  • It is mandatory to practice and play with shin-guards.

  • It is forbidden to practice with rings, bracelets, necklaces or any other object that may injure the another or myself.

  • It is mandatory to greet opponent and referees after finishing game.

  • It is mandatory to practice with the club jersey.

Coaches and Players

  • It is mandatory to greet to coach and teammates when arrive to practices and games.

  • It is mandatory to accept and perform at the direction of the coach.

  • Players who don't practice during the week won’t play the weekend.

  • Players who miss some practices will play but won't start the weekend game.

  • During game, if the coach sees an unsportsmanlike action, he can punish the player even though the referee hasn't.

  • The player who insults, attack or performs actions that disrespect to teammates and coaches will be withdrawn and punished.

Academy and Parents

  • The players must arrive at practice 5 minutes before.

  • If the player arrives during the practice. The coach decides whether the player will practice and when.

  • The players must arrive to game 45 minutes before games.

  •  If the player is not coming to practice or he is going to arrive late to practice, it is mandatory you inform the coach or manager.

  • At games, a player who arrives during or after warm-ups, won't be part of the 11 players starting the game, if the coach wants, he will play after.

  •  Academy will decide whether there is practice or not during rain's days.


  • Parents are prohibited from entering the field during practice or games.

  • Parents are prohibited from making complaints to the coaches after the games. It can be discussed 24 hours after the end of play.

  • Parents are prohibited from being on the coach's side of the field, except with permission of the coach.

  • Please do not disrespect players or coaches during the practice or game. The Club will take action.

  • Please notify the coach or manager when a player is not going to be able to practice or play in a game.

  • Please do not give technical and tactical advice or instructions during games or practices. They can confuse the player.

  • If any parent is interested in having a meeting with the coach, ask for an appointment. So as not to interfere with the game or practice and allows our coaches and managers to prepare for a game.

Julio Rodriguez

Technical Director

Thank You

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